Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth

Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth

Let’s talk sugar!

During events such as parties, or holidays, it’s super easy to consume more than normal amounts of sugar. We’re all there! 

It may sound like the better idea to eat something with artificial sweeteners versus real sugars while Keto right? Unfortunately, it’s not!

Artificial sweeteners can actually be one of the causes of a plateau or not losing weight.

Here is my list of reasons to avoid them:


Keeps you addicted to sweet foods 

One of the benefits of following keto is that it weans you off sugar and puts an end to sugar addictions, and helps to normalize your blood sugar levels.   

However, if you keep consuming artificial sweeteners, your body constantly craves sweet foods. You never truly get used to not having sweet stuff to eat. That makes it more difficult to comply with the keto. 

Artificial sweeteners are harmful 

There are many studies that link artificial sweeteners to several health problems. They are toxic in the long run. Your goal should be to use keto to improve your health and not consume these harmful substances which ruin it.

It’s not always about glucose levels 

While sweeteners like aspartame, acesulfame, sucralose and saccharin will not elevate your blood sugar levels, they do have a negative effect on insulin sensitivity. These sweeteners can cause overeating, obesity and constant food cravings.

May affect ketone levels 

Since your goal is to achieve ketosis, the fastest way to go about it will be to consume natural, wholesome food that’s not man-made. Like the famous health guru, Jack LaLanne once said, “If man made it, don’t eat it.” 

All artificial sweeteners are man-made and not as harmless as they proclaim to be. For some people, these sweeteners may take them out of ketosis or make it more difficult to reach a state of ketosis. 

It’s very difficult to predict how these sweeteners may negate your efforts because every individual is different. However, what we can all agree upon is that these are unhealthy and detrimental substances that your body just doesn’t need… 

So at this point, you may be asking "How can I sweeten my food then?" Don't worry, I have tips for that too!

It can be tough being on a diet that strictly limits your sugar intake and doesn’t allow for artificial sweeteners either. What is your good ol’ sweet tooth going to do now?  

Take heart. There are healthy alternatives, though these should be consumed in moderation too. 

The first one is stevia. It’s far sweeter than sugar and still natural. The good news is that it has almost no calories and will not elevate your blood sugar levels.  

Besides stevia, there are sweeteners like monk fruit, etc.

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