My Chiropractic Story: A Journey of Miracles and Dedication

My Chiropractic Story: A Journey of Miracles and Dedication

It's interesting how many people have been asking me lately about my journey. I realized that while some strangers know my story from seeing me speak on stage, many members of my own community are unaware of my chiropractic journey. So, I decided to take snippets from a recent interview I did for a chiropractic podcast and share them here.

Join me as I delve into how I got into chiropractic and the powerful experiences that have shaped my commitment to holistic healthcare.

A Chiropractic Miracle: The Story of My Family

My chiropractic story begins with a miracle that happened within my own family, long before chiropractic was fully recognized as a legitimate practice. In the early 1950s in Toledo, Ohio, chiropractic was not yet legal in the United States. Chiropractors were even being imprisoned for practicing medicine without a license. One chiropractor changed the course of my family's life. He went to jail for his practice but managed to save the life of one of my family members.

This chiropractor happened to be my grandmother's father, who was a milkman. One day, he saw a man crawl into an unmarked office, and later witnessed him walk out. Intrigued, he asked the man about what he was doing, and that's when he learned about chiropractic. This chance encounter led my grandmother to seek chiropractic care during her pregnancy, as she had a heart condition.

Thanks to the adjustments, she not only made it through the pregnancy but lived a healthy life until the age of 92. That woman was my grandmother, and her experience with chiropractic inspired my family's dedication to this form of healthcare.

A Mission Trip Miracle: Touching Lives in Kathmandu, Nepal

Another powerful experience that solidified my commitment to chiropractic care occurred during a mission trip to Kathmandu, Nepal, in 2002. I vividly remember a young boy at an orphanage who was struggling to get up on a table. I soon realized that his vision was impaired, making it difficult for him to see and move properly.

After adjusting his atlas, the top bone of the spine, I witnessed a remarkable transformation. Later, when I tried to arrange for the boy to receive glasses, a medical doctor informed me that glasses wouldn't help because the boy was blind.

As the day progressed, I saw the same boy running and catching beach balls with incredible agility. The same child who couldn't climb stairs earlier in the day was now running and playing with joy. While I cannot claim that chiropractic cured his blindness, I believe that the adjustments unlocked his body's innate healing abilities, allowing him to experience improved function and mobility.

This powerful experience serves as a constant reminder of why I am so passionate about chiropractic care.

Embracing the Miracles and Dedication

My chiropractic journey has been filled with miracles and unwavering dedication. From witnessing the transformative power of chiropractic care within my family to experiencing profound moments during mission trips, I have seen firsthand the impact that chiropractic care can have on people's lives.

We are blessed to be part of a profession that can bring healing and hope to those in need.

If you are a chiropractor, chiropractic assistant, or simply someone interested in chiropractic care, I urge you to reflect on the confidence and certainty that this field instills in us. Chiropractic care has a rich history, and it chose us as its ambassadors.

Let us embrace this calling and continue to share the chiropractic message with the world.

Want to learn more? Listen to Podcast Episode 155 here or click play below.


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