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My mission is to bridge the gap between simplicity and wellness for women who feel that getting and staying healthy is a chore.

I offer personalized coaching to get you on the right track, solutions that work and answers to the questions you've been trying to solve.

Don't keep wandering, doing the same things you've always done, getting the same results, when I can guide you.

If private coaching isn't for you, I also offer courses for you to do it on your own, along with guided group programs to have accountability from others.

Book a call with me to find out which direction is right for you.

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My expertise is in Wellness, Nutrition & Chiropractic. Identifying the root cause of all issues is the way for us to achieve our goals and finally achieve success.

I help women identify their goals for health, and diligently provide a customized  process from start to finish, so you can remain clear-headed, healthy, and well.

You are a whole person, not a mix of symptoms.

Achieving vibrant health  takes a partnership between you and me. I take that responsibility seriously. Together, our goal is to get you feeling younger, healthier, happier, and more alive.

Imagine, finally able to toss the mind trash and crappy habits that you’ve picked up from dangerous trends and failed fads to discover a way of life that works for your body and mind.

We focus on techniques to transform your health naturally and without all the extras.  As a both a Doctor of Chiropractic and Naturopathy, and a woman obsessed with simple solutions,  I offer alternatives to heavy dependence on pharmaceuticals and surgeries. My "prescriptions" include shifts in the way you view and consume foods, movements and lifestyle.

The foundation for a sexy, healthy body and strong mind starts with simple changes.

Optimal vibrant health is a journey not a destination.  In fact, I’m living proof. Let’s walk together.


Dr. Lisa S. Olszewski, DC, ND, FICA

1600 Commerce Park Dr #200 • Chelsea, MI 48118

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