What My Clients Says

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

"I've been able to cut out much of the extra sugar from my diet. By taking baby steps has finally allowed me to lose weight and lots of extra inches. My clothes are way too big and my cravings are gone. In fact, for the first time in many, many years I was able to buy a pair of pants in a regular size rather than plus size! I really like Dr. Lisa’s emphasis on whole body wellness and I know I am a much healthier person now, thanks to Dr. Lisa."

— Rose U.

"Participating in the program most notably helped me to become aware of the content of sugars, fats, fiber and proteins in the foods I commonly ate. By substituting some vegetables and reducing my fruits & portion sizes; I’m feeling more energy. My appetite is still healthy. I’ve always enjoyed food and now I’m full more quickly and am able to fast for 12-16 hours on a regular basis. Thank you Dr. Lisa for the encouragement and support to change my lifestyle habits.”

— Deb B.

“Dr. Lisa has not only helped get my “head on straight” but has also taken the time to get to know and really listen to me when I have questions or concerns. She really cares about her patients and is kind, professional and personable. She is the best!”

— Hanna S.

“I have been seeing Dr. Lisa for 13 years. She has greatly helped my overall health and wellness. She is knowledgeable and answers all my questions with great recommendations. I feel great whenever I leave. Dr. Lisa is incredibly kind and accommodating. I've learned so much about health and wellness in the time I've been seeing her.”

-Teresa L.

“Dr. Lisa has helped our family for at least 12 years ( It has been so long ago!). We see her regularly and trust her completely. She is a part of our family’s health routine . We highly recommend her!”

-Kelly H.

“I have been seeing Dr. Lisa for about 12 years and I can’t say enough amazing things about her! I started seeing Dr. Lisa when I was 13 and I attribute my overall well-being and health to her and all that her practice provides. I used to get headaches often and after seeing Dr. Lisa consistently, I am headache free. She is kind and will listen to your concerns and help to figure out what will work best for you.”

-Toni L.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Lisa for 5 years now and she has made such a huge difference in my quality of life. Even with my scoliosis, she has helped keep me strong and healthy as a hairdresser, as a mother who endured a natural birth, and through my postpartum. She spends time with me and gives me nutritional advice and sends me home with exercises to help keep my alignment. I am very happy with my investment in my health with Dr. Lisa.”

-Lynae M.

“I went 15 years with severe headaches and as soon as I started being treated by Dr. Lisa I started improving. I have been headache free for several years and in perfect health. My BP was very high requiring meditation. I’m off all meditation with a normal BP. I can’t thank her enough for freeing me from that debilitating pain. My quality of life is incredibly fantastic!“

-Karen F.

“Dr. Lisa has helped me with chronic back pain and natural healing methods. I appreciate the alternate solutions offered at her practice. I'm a pharmacist and personally don't want to take any more medications than absolutely necessary. "A pill to fix every ill" is not my mantra!”

-Pat C.