The Common Signs You Have Thyroid Issues

The Common Signs You Have Thyroid Issues
Have you been struggling with fatigue or exhaustion? Can't get enough coffee? Or worse, your coffee now causes you to be way too jittery? Have you noticed changes with your weight- like gaining weight for no reason?

We often blame our symptoms on something else, or we're told we're perimenopausal or menopausal and to "just live with it". Unfortunately, there's many of us living with an undiagnosed thyroid issue that may be contributing to our symptoms. 

I had such great feedback on my podcast with Dr. Amie Hornaman that I wanted to deep dive into the thyroid today.

Here's the deal- once you gain control over your thyroid, you'll have a greater sense of well-being (and have the energy to get through the day-no, it's not "just your age!")

There are three different thyroid issues to be aware of: Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, and Autoimmune thyroid diseases.


This thyroid issue is the under-functioning of the thyroid gland. When the thyroid gland isn't as active as it should be, it can cause a number of problems, such as joint pain, heart disease, and obesity. This is because it upsets the balance of the chemical reactions in the body.



When the thyroid is over-worked, this causes hyperthyroidism. A person's metabolism works overtime, and your energy levels are on full alert at all times.


Autoimmune thyroid diseases

This includes Hashimoto's disease which results in an underactive thyroid. Graves disease also falls under this category and is a result from an overactive thyroid gland.


You may be experiencing a Thyroid Gland Imbalance if you have any of these symptoms:


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