How To Support Your Liver - Good Liver Health

How To Support Your Liver - Good Liver Health

Have you been struggling to lose weight no matter how hard you try? Well, I've got some information that might surprise you. We're actually being exposed to toxins every single day, and it's making it harder for our bodies to shed those extra pounds.

From pesticides and herbicides in our outdoor environment, to chemicals in our water, cosmetics, food, cleaning products, candles, perfumes, lotions, indoor air, and even the off-gassing of new products, we're constantly bombarded by toxins. And the thing is, it's worse now than ever before. So, our bodies have a lot of work to do to keep us safe from all the toxicity we're exposed to.

The Environmental Working Group has reported that new born babies are born with over 200 chemicals in their blood— newborn babies that haven’t been exposed to the outdoor world yet! They have that number of chemicals in them just from what they’ve received from their mom during development.

Our bodies have several organs that are designed to filter out harmful chemicals, such as the skin, stomach with stomach acid, the liver, kidneys, and the colon. These organs work together to protect us from toxins and maintain a healthy balance. Over time though, these filters can become clogged from exposure to excessive toxins. And just like we need to change the oil filter in our car regularly, it's important for our bodies to periodically clean out these filters. When they become clogged, the body is no longer able to efficiently remove toxins, leading to an accumulation of harmful substances in the body and potentially impacting our overall health and well-being.

This is why I developed my Nourish Liver Supplement. Good liver health is crucial for the liver's ability to carry out detoxification effectively. The liver is responsible for filtering out toxins, including harmful chemicals and waste products, from the bloodstream. When the liver is congested, it becomes less efficient at carrying out these functions. This can lead to hormonal imbalances, including the inability to clear xenoestrogens (fake estrogens that are commonly found in everyday products) from the body.

Hormonal imbalances can have a significant impact on our health and well-being. For example, when the liver is congested, it can affect the thyroid's ability to convert T4 to T3, which is an important process for maintaining optimal hormone levels. Unbalanced hormones can result in weight gain, low energy levels, skin problems, and other health issues. When these symptoms persist, it can be challenging to determine the root cause. By taking steps to support liver health and reduce toxin exposure, we can help our bodies maintain a healthy balance and prevent the negative effects of hormonal imbalances.

Plus, when we’re over burdened by toxicity and our bodies can’t eliminate properly, those toxins will start to store in our fat.

You get the picture? 

As we live in one of the most polluted environments ever, we need to be able to clear out these toxins. 

And guess what?  That fat is there to protect you. Your body is so intelligent, it knows that if it releases a bunch of fat, it’s going to release a bunch of toxins and overburden you.  So it holds on to the fat, to protect you, however we’re frustrated because we just can’t get the scale to shift.

In my private practice, I often recommend that my patients participate in a cleansing program every six months to help reduce their toxin exposure and support overall health. However, I've found that many patients struggle to stick to the program. Despite starting with good intentions, they often fall back into their old habits after just a few days, leading to feelings of frustration and failure.

To help you stay committed to your new routine, I recommend the following five steps:

  1. Start small and make gradual changes: Instead of trying to overhaul your entire lifestyle overnight, start by making small changes and gradually incorporating new habits into your routine.
  2. Make a plan and stick to it: Plan out your cleansing program in advance and set achievable goals. Having a clear plan will help you stay focused and on track.
  3. Get support: Surround yourself with friends, family members, or a support group who will encourage and motivate you to stay committed to your program.
  4. Keep a journal: Recording your progress and experiences can help you stay motivated and reflect on your journey.
  5. Take a high quality supplement: This is why I decided to create a supplement to support your liver, NOURISH LIVER, and help your body in liver detoxification.

NOURISH LIVER contains choline, zinc, artichoke extract, beetroot, chanca piedra extract, chicory root, dandelion, jujube fruit extract, milk thistle and yarrow, along with a proprietary blend of methionine, alfalfa, feverfew, grapeseed extract, celery seed, yellow dock, raspberry juice extract, berberine HCL, turmeric and ginger.

Two of these a day can jumpstart your weight loss by supporting the liver and allowing the liver to do what it does best—filter out the toxins from your body!

Let’s keep you on track to lock in those new year goals! Click here to buy now.