14 Day Whole Body Cleanse

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Dr. Lisa O's 14 Day Whole Body Cleanse


A fortnight of functional gut rebuilding, liver detoxing, blood sugar balancing and lean muscle building program. Get your body in order!

You spring clean your house every year, why would you neglect your body? Remember, you only have ONE BODY! Take care of it! 🙌

We're swimming in a toxin soup with all of the impurities in our water, air, and food (not to mention FRANKENFOODS- YIKES!). Your body is telling you it's unhappy. Your aches, your pains, your belly aches, that puffiness in the morning, the achy joints getting out of bed, the brain fog and extra pudge around the waist are all symptoms your body is overloaded with too many toxins. Your liver is in charge of filtering all these nasty compounds and when your liver is sluggish, your body is sluggish, which means YOUR sluggish. Eek!

Dr. Lisa O's 14 Day Whole Body Cleanse includes her flagship product, Nourish Liver to help support your liver with powerful herbs designed to help nourish, cleanse and detoxify the liver. If your weekends are pirating your health,😳 or too much happy in your happy hour 🍸🍸and living that tailgate life has your liver calling a penalty,🏈 🟨 Nourish Liver was made for you!

We've added in Balance Blood Sugar Support to do exactly that -- balance your blood sugar. When you get off the sugar and carb rollercoaster, your energy will also balance and you'll be sustained all day long! No more afternoon coffee runs or candy bar grabs! Plus, Dr. Lisa O's Balance Blood Sugar Support contains 1200 mgs of the powerful herb Berberine, which not only helps balance blood sugar, but decreases inflammation (goodbye achiness!), supports healthy cholesterol levels and may helps heal a leaky gut (don't know what that is? If you're eating the typical American diet, you probably have one and you want it fixed, trust us). Say goodbye to belly aches, gas, bloating, brain fog and more.

Dr. Lisa O looked far and wide for a protein powder that was dairy free, soy free and antibiotic, hormone and GMO free and.... TASTES PHENOMENAL. Seems hard to find, right? We'll, she did it and it's called Pure Protein. Mix it up in water or your favorite coconut milk and give yourself Caribbean Happy Hour Feel. No one said being healthy can't be fun!

Dr. Lisa O's 14 Day Whole Body Cleanse comes with enough protein for two - two scoop shakes a day that gives you a whopping 84 grams of protein, or 21 grams a scoop.

Dr. Lisa O's Pure Protein is

  • No dairy, No soy
  • A complete source of protein
  • Easily Digestible
  • Supports lean muscle
  • Paleo and Keto Friendly
  • Non-GMO
  • No rBST/ No rBGH
  • No Sugar
  • Naturally Sweetened
  • No Hormones
  • Mixes Easily for On the Go!

If your metabolism needs a bit of a boost, check out Metabolism Activator to add in to you cleansing protocol. Research with our key ingredients showed a 6% decrease in body fat in 8 weeks with regular diet and exercise in comparison to those with diet and exercise alone. It also helps with reducing cravings and increasing satiety (feeling full).

Constipation issues? Add in 1 capsule of Bowel Mover per day to make sure your body is eliminating toxins effectively! We don't want they yuckies stuck in your gut only to be re-absorbed and eliminate all your hard work! 😫