Avoid Holiday Weight Gain by Focusing on Liver Health

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain by Focusing on Liver Health

The holiday season is here, and for many of us that means trying to dodge all the holiday sweets that pop up seemingly EV-ERY-WHERE! Many people find themselves gaining an average of five to seven pounds from now until New Year's Eve, but this doesn't have to be your story. 

So instead of waiting for New Year's resolutions, which often fail by February, why not tackle the task head-on by focusing on liver health? 

Wait, what? The liver? 

Yep... let's talk about it.

The Role of the Liver in Weight Management

The liver is a vital organ in our body, acting as a powerful filter. It processes everything we consume, from food and drinks to the air we breathe. Like a car needing regular oil changes and filter replacements, our liver requires maintenance to perform optimally. When it's overloaded with toxins, which can happen more frequently during the holiday period, our body's ability to lose weight is significantly reduced.

And when your liver is congested and unable to function at its best, your body's response is to store fat as a protective measure. This fat storage is your body's way of shielding itself from toxins. 

So if you're typically careful with your diet, falling off during the holidays can hit hard due to the addictive nature of sugar and other heavy foods (they're not called "comfort food" for nothing). The key to avoiding holiday weight gain (and set yourself up for success in your health goals)  is to prepare your body in advance, focusing on liver health. Similar to preventing motion sickness, it's easier to stop it before it starts than to address it once it's in full swing. 

So when you decide, come January 1st, hey, I am going to go and do this New Year's resolution, your body is so intelligent. It's going to say, yeah, go ahead, go ahead and exercise, go ahead and do this. Let’s see how long it lasts…

But to really have success with avoiding holiday weight gain, increase your chance of success, and shed the extra pounds you'll want to tune into today's podcast episode. Listen on your favorite streaming platform.