The Dangers Of EMF And Modern Technology On Your Health

The Dangers Of EMF And Modern Technology On Your Health

Let's get straight to it – EMF, or Electromagnetic Fields, are a big deal, especially concerning our health. 

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields and this is a huge, wide spectrum of electromagnetic fields, starting with magnetic and going all the way up to gamma rays. But when people say EMF these days they're referring to wireless energy, and the reason that they're talking so much about wireless energy is because it's prevalence in our day-to-day life is increasing so much. 

EMF’s Silent Impact

Here's the lowdown: Technology has changed rapidly since the early 2000s. Now, even kindergartners are handed iPads like it's nothing. So when we’re thinking about modern technology, there’s a visible impact to our health in our posture (and I’m seeing this regularly in my own practice, this “hump” that’s forming at the base of the neck from constantly looking down at devices).

But this physical, visible impact isn’t the only thing happening. This exposure to modern technology and EMF can affect overall health.

Just because you don't feel it doesn't mean there's no effect. 

Remember the early days of cell phones when folks warned not to put them next to your head? It's because EMF could have an impact over time, even if symptoms aren't immediate.

Sleep, Melatonin, and Phones

Ever wonder why you shouldn't sleep with your phone in the room? EMF from your phone can mess with melatonin production, making it harder to sleep. Keep your phone out of your sleeping area and use an old-school alarm clock.

And spoiler alert, this isn’t just a “conspiracy theory.”

Over two decades ago, Disney decided not to put their characters on cell phone covers for kids after seeing some concerning studies about cell phones. It's a sign that even back then, there were reasons to be cautious.

How To Limit EMF Exposure Impact

It's not about ditching technology but being aware of its potential impact on our health. As tech continues to advance, finding a balance between staying connected and staying healthy is key.

Instead of getting overwhelmed, consider making small, sustainable changes to your tech habits. Be mindful of your EMF exposure, protect your sleep space, and maybe go back to basics with an old-fashioned alarm clock.

And if you want to learn more about EMF and its impact on our health, tune into this podcast episode: