Healthy Vibrant LIFE Personalized Coaching

Hey there, Rockstar,

Healthy Vibrant LIFE is a game-changing, personalized coaching experience designed to help you walk your distinct path to the vibrant health you've desired.

I work exclusively with you to identify the key areas often overlooked in traditional health programs.

My customized 5 step approach addresses key areas in your life that are often overlooked in traditional medical programs.  When not in balance, they can stress our body and keep us living in a stressed out state, unable to heal and achieve true vibrancy.

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How It Works

We start with an in-depth five-page health history that uncovers possible stressors throughout your life which may be contributing to dis-ease.

Next, we identify challenges that lead to repetitive, self-defeating actions that have contributed to your current health status. 

Together, we create a firm foundation for you to heal your gut, remove toxins, build and nourish your body to balance your health, and gain the vibrant life you’ve always wanted.

What You Get

Customized Approach
A personalized assessment of  where you are TODAY, what you are doing NOW, and what you want to ACHIEVE.

Proven tools and resources
Science based approach of detoxing and healing your body so you finally achieve your health goals, once and for all.

Accountability for Women, by Women
Systematic, effective approach alongside a coach that truly understands the challenges women face.

30 Day Kickstart

Just the thought of stepping into a new health program is overwhelming. You need someone in your corner guiding you through the fog, helping you clear obstacles, and strategizing with you to unlock your potential. You’ll be amazed at the physical changes you’ll experience in just one month.

In 30 days, you’ll have more than a clear plan to move you in the right direction … you will take action.

This package includes:

  • 4 weekly coaching sessions

  • Focus on gaining clarity on what created your current health status, and giving you the strategies to direct your course to where you want to go.

  • Accountability and check in as you navigate your way to a healthier approach.

  • Unlimited email correspondence between sessions

120 Day Intensive

The 120 Day Healthy, Vibrant LIFE Program is continues the foundation we built in the first 30 days and implements even further aspects to reclaim your health. We will build  exponentially over the course of the next several months and   deep dive into clearing toxicity from the body which, if not addressed, only continues to promote stagnation of health.

 This package includes:

  • Everything in the 30 Day Kickstart, plus

  • 6 bi-monthly coaching sessions through the following 3 months

  • Unlimited email correspondence between sessions

  • Tools, strategies, and SMART goals for living a balanced lifestyle

  • Access to Dr. Lisa's Healthy Vibrant Women Membership Site

Everyone is born with the inherent ability to heal. Your body is intelligent, has phenomenal capabilities, and is programmed to be healthy. We just need to stop interfering with our health. Are you ready for VIBRANT health?  Let’s talk! 


Dr. Lisa S. Olszewski, DC, ND, FICA

1600 Commerce Park Dr #200 • Chelsea, MI 48118

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